Mobile Promotion

Meet your customers!

Mobile promotion is a real eye-catcher for presentation of products, companies, events, shows, VIP packages, you name it. TEVI BV brings the product to the maximum attention, nationally or internationally. You will find your own target group on location with:

Hospitality unit
Demonstration room
Catering with terrace
presentation stage
Press room
VIP room
Research room
Promotional trailer
Roadshow Show trailers
Mobile promotion
VIP trailer

Promote wherever you want

with a show trailer you achieve a great attention value!
With a roadshow you create enormous attention. In recent years, we have increasingly seen that the use of Roadshow trailers affects your customers and they like to share this brand experience. Once you have the attention of your customers, you can receive them in your luxury mobile reception room.

Our fleet includes various options for a roadshow such as:

Hospitality unit
Promotional tour
Promotional organisations
Promotion trailer
Demonstration room
Catering with terrace
Presentation stage
Press room
Research room
VIP space

Trailers, the way you like it

The design of the roadshow can be created by us conceptually from interior, technology, flags to branding.

We also supply all side activities related to the theme such as:

Promotion teams
Product promotion
Planning tour schedule
Contact with the organization of the event
Decoration trailer in your corporate identity
Transport, including any necessary documents On-site
Construction and dismantling on location

Great attention value

Whatever you want, it’s possible! Here you will find the fleet of TEVI BV and the references! Discover the extensive possibilities. We are very experienced and have already promoted many major brands noticeably. Projects from large to small. Schedule it with us!

Meer weten over mobiel promoten of direct een afspraak maken?